Who is ashwin sood dating

I haven’t said anything about it because I’ve been terrified to, but I figure …

there’s no good time to say it, so I just said it.” Mc Lachlan called the situation “pretty gross” but did not elaborate on reasons for the separation or the couple’s future plans.

The two people in it merely failed to keep it going.

But good things came out of her relationship to Ashwin as well, namely her two daughters.

Singer and mother of two Sarah Mc Lachlan, 40, is splitting up with her husband of 11 years, Ashwin Sood, who also happens to be the drummer in her band.

However, after Sarah got past the immediate shock of the split, she coped by writing two songs about the breakup, entitled "U Want Me 2" and "Don't Give Up on Us." 3 Breakup Lessons From Celebrities "Music has always been incredibly cathartic for me, whether it's writing my own stuff or singing other people's music; it's very freeing.

But it did take me a long while to be able to write again because I was just too far down a deep dark hole to do anything.

I had to crawl back up, get some light in and have some objectivity before I could start writing again."However, although Sarah says that she has now adjusted to life as a single mother (and has even formed a friendship with her ex,) she admits that she won't be singing about a new, real-life love anytime soon."I honestly can't imagine dating anybody right now...

I dated briefly and it was a whirlwind and so much fun but it takes too much emotional work.

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