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Each new additions snapshot returns article data that has been added to the corpus since your last request was processed.

If there are no new events to deliver then the query will return zero rows.

There are three varieties of updates that user may request and receive: additions, replacements, and deletes.

Note that all events, including all updates, are only delivered to the DJ DNA corpus once per day.

A useful aspect of the service is that you will see the size of a snapshot before it is created (as explained below in the Snapshot Explanations section).

Update happens in-place with minimum possible downtime for published repository. When published repository is updated, all the options are preserved: distribution, component, list of architectures, etc.For example, the initial request looks like: Returns all the new articles matching the user’s original query, which have been added since the original snapshot was taken.You are allowed to request another additions snapshot after your first, and so on.run python sample_in your current folder to start """ If all is done correctly, a series of files containing your snapshot data will be downloaded into the current directory.A snapshot is a one time extraction of data, but there are cases in which a user may want their content to be updated.

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