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LPR3 is based on a profiled version CDA R2 according to the needs of the LPR3 data model.

LPR3 supports two kinds of reporting: Full state reporting concerns the case where the client system reports an entire document covering a set of selected services and treatments chosen by the client where the state of eventual previous reported documents with the same document ID is completely overwritten.Each document can contain zero to many elements, where elements can episode of care, encounter, procedure, observation and act.Level 1, 2, and 4 rules are exportable in the formats XSD, Schematron, and KIE jar (kjar) files, respectively.The XSD and Schematron files does not include LPR3 assigned error codes - instead, when executed on a document, the XSD and Schematron reported errors will point out exactly where in the document the errors are and what has been violated.

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    Within the newly reported document items can be nullified, items can be updated or items can be added.