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JR I have a friend who worked for Knoll for about 10 years and subsequently ran his own design firm around the corner from them.He's retired now and one of the members of the board at Contact Us - Harry Bertoia Foundation Happens to be a Porsche guy as well.No labels remain, all I can determine is that it has "early" style feet.No idea when "early" changed to "late." I seem to recall that there are a few people here that have some expertise in mid-century modern furniture, thus the query.I'm pretty sure it's not from the 50's, most likely it's from the 1960's or 1970's, definitely not from the 1980's or later.It's a shame someone yanked the tags off of it, as those can help date the pieces, as the company name and address had minor changes, which helps nail down an approximate date.

Everybody has seen his work, whether they recognize it or not.Anybody have any knowledge of these, or could point me to a resource I can search? I'll give you a couple of hundo for it Edit - I bought and sold mid century stuff for a few years. Ebay will probably bring good money, but shipping stuff of any size like a womb is a bit of a nightmare.Anybody have recommendations as to where to sell one? Thanks, JR I have a Knoll history book (I know, I'm a bit of a nerd) so if you want to post pics I can try and see what info in the book is relevant. Those guys really know their stuff and are very helpful, in their own unique way. I have spent a few hours on the site and read through the relevant threads there, but I haven't really found any answers to my questions."If you are interested in knowing what is happening now and what is going to happen in the future, you need to subscribe to the GRI Newsletter.Sub-Forums: FAQ: Frequenty Asked Questions on this subject., Foam Cothing, Wool and other alternatives, Footwear (and care), All things "Baby", Sleeping (bags, cots,beds, etc), Sewing (patterns, fabric, machines or hand), Laundry (methods, soaps, & supplies)Sub-Forums: Browse All, Classifieds (Buy & Sell Your Gear!

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