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Nichol Ocarte Claes Oldenburg Daphne Oram Dennis Oppenheim Clemente Padín Nam June Paik Eduardo Paolozzi Steven Parrino Pablo Picasso Lil Pickard Decio Pignatari Bern Porter Racter Yvonne Rainer Robert Rauschenberg Man Ray Lou Reed Steve Reich The Responsive Eye Terry Riley Antônio Risério Alain Robbe-Grillet Dieter Roth Jerome Rothenberg Gerhard Rühm Ed Ruscha Luigi Russolo Aram Saroyan Carolee Schneemann Kurt Schwitters Richard Serra Gino Severini Takahashi Shohachiro Terayama Shuji Situationist Internationale Valerie Solanas Jack Smith Tony Smith Robert Smithson Mary Ellen Solt Susan Sontag Sound Sculpture Vagn Steen Gertrude Stein Alfred Stieglitz La Révolution surréaliste Harald Szeemann Salette Tavares James Tenney The Blindman Niele Toroni Arrigo Lora Totino Stan Van Der Beek Ivo Vroom Andy Warhol Lawrence Weiner The Western Round Table on Modern Art (1949) Emmett Williams Robert Whitman John Barton Wolgamot Pedro Xisto La Monte Young Gene Youngblood Mariann Zazeela Louis Zukofsky About Ubu Web Historical Ubu Web's Historical section primarily documents the trajectory of visual and concrete poetry, beginning with Simias Rhodius's "Wings of Eros in Theocritus", dating from 1516, and continuing all the way into the late 1970s.Several stream running concurrent with these trends are interspersed throughout the section that might otherwise be excluded from a more narrowly focused study: visual deconstructions of language on the page (Stéphane Mallarmé), sound poetry scores (Historical Sound Poetry Scores) and Objectivist tendencies (Louis Zukofsky). Cáceres John Cage John Cale Julio Campal Cornelius Cardew Ulises Carrión Henri Chopin Ira Cohen Philip Corner Dada Magazine Hanne Darboven Augusto de Campos Haraldo de Campos De Stijl Magazine Paul de Vree Die Reihe Marcel Duchamp Early Visual Poetry 1506-1726 Morton Feldman Hans-Peter Feldmann Robert Filliou Ian Hamilton Finlay Carl Fernbach Flarsheim The Fox John Furnival Heinz Gappmayr Jochen Gerz Peter Gidal Abraham Lincoln Gillespie Philip Glass Mathias Goeritz Eugen Gomringer Corrado Govoni Dan Graham Great Bear Pamphlets George Grosz Joseé Lino Grünewald Philip Guston's Poem-Pictures Al Hansen Václav Havel Bici Hendricks Dick Higgins Dom Sylvester Houedard Douglas Huebler Irradiador: revista de vanguardia IRIS-TIME UNLIMITED Ernst Jandl Ronald Johnson Allan Kaprow Bengt af Klintberg Yves Klein Alison Knowles Jiri Kolar Joseph Kosuth Ferdinard Kriwet John Lennon French Letterists 1940s-1970s Sherrie Levine Sol Le Witt Lilian Lijn Jackson Mac Low Duda Machado Machine-Age Exposition Stéphane Mallarmé 1960s Manifestos Walter Marchetti F. Marinetti Vladimir Mayakovskyr Hansjörg Mayer Armando Mazza Kate Millett Franz Mon Charlotte Moorman Moscow Conceptualism Bruce Nauman b.p.

This collection builds from the three primary source collections of contemporary visual and concrete poetry: Mary Ellen Solt's Concrete Poetry: A World View (Indian University Press, 1968), Emmett Williams' Anthology of Concrete Poetry (Something Else Press, 1967), and Jean-François Bory's Once Again (New Directions, 1968).Traditionally, representations of concrete and visual poetry have been accompanied by commentaries upon and translations of the language employed in the various poem.The editors have chosen to dispense with this convention and, instead, let the work visually represent itself.Visit our "Reference Library" as we are proud to have over 1000 books about the people, history, flora and fauna of the region, Arizona Highways Magazine dating back to 1937 and archives including documents, letters and photographs.To collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate relevant and historically significant materials pertaining to the southwest with emphasis on Pinal County, and especially Florence and to develop and maintain ethical, effective and efficient standards in carrying out these endeavors for the benefit of present and future generations.

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