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The main temple, which still stands today, was an open-air temple where sacrifices were held.The temple was built on a hill which is surrounded by the ruins of seven large buildings which may have had religious significance.A sanctuary to the planets is also found on the hill.Among the gods worshiped in the city are the principle deities from the surrounding cultures such as Sin, the Mesopotamian moon god whose main site of veneration was Harran.In some texts he is referred to as the father of the gods.The moon god was associated with cattle, fertility, and divination.

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The nearby subterranean temple which contains definite references to the planets and the moon god, however, makes it probable that this sacred hill involved worship of the celestial bodies as well.

This makes the site potentially important for the study of ancient astral religion.

The contents of the tombs are associated with honoring ancestors.

Since the remains in the tombs date to the Bronze Age, it is possible that the ancestor worship pre-dates the religious focus on the celestial bodies at Sogmatar which did not begin until the Hellenistic Period after the 3rd century B. On the other hand, because of the diversity of religious practices in Hellenistic cities, it is possible that ancestor worship and astral religion were both prominent in the city simultaneously.

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