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Right on cue, he finds himself opening the door to two young women — Genesis (Lorenza Izzo, Roth’s real-life wife) and Bel (Ana de Armas) — who need a phone, and a place to dry off during torrential downpour before hitting a party.

Evan plays gracious host, and is careful to keep things cordial and, more important, non-lecherous, even as they start oohing and ahhing over his extensive vinyl collection, over his shaggy hair, over his wise maturity — over all the things that a one-time hellraiser who has settled into the placidness of middle age wants people, especially young, scantily-clothed, sexually open-minded females, to notice.

It’s as though Genesis and Bel are close to the pre-cogs from “Minority Report,” castigating him for even thinking of betraying his wife and kids.

At the same time he’s not entirely blameless, and it becomes alternately horrifying and deeply satisfying watching them make a destructive mess of Evan’s moneyed home — tearing up his couches, breaking his records and busting up and graffiti-ing his artwork, including sculptures made by his wife due for a gallery in the morning.

They’re lost, they say, and they really need to get their bearings and maybe, you know, dry off, which of course necessitates them taking off their wet clothes…

Gentlemanly Evan offers Genesis and Bel a pair of robes and gradually begins to open up about his former life as a DJ.

The opening scenes of “Knock Knock” are brightly lit in the usual visual style for romantic comedy as the camera takes in the large Hollywood house of architect Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) and his family in a voyeuristic way that makes it feel like we are spying on them.

The walls are covered in narcissistic posed photos of Evan with his artist wife Karen (Ignacia Allamand) and their two picture-perfect young kids, and much of the other available space, both inside and outside of the house, is taken up by Karen’s Antoni Gaudí-inspired sculptures.

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But “Knock Knock” is very much its own movie, and Roth deserves some credit for keeping the updated narrative fairly plausible and also for moving it forward energetically.What's so wonderful about motherhood is that you're constantly busy.There's so much to do and I don't miss idle time at all.It’s a psychological thriller that often feels, especially in its first stretch, like a play.Keanu Reeves is Evan, an architect left alone in his gated community home to work while the wife and kids are off on a beach trip.

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