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What I don’t understand is I’m way out of his league – I’m very attractive, have an outstanding degree and a high-profile career. And the last three times we met we had sex in the car. That’s either a typo (you meant to type “unattractive”), a Freudian slip (if you believe in the questionable theories of Sigmund Freud) or you meant it as is…

He never makes time for me, claiming he’s busy, but he will go out with his friends. Honestly his dismissive ways are so attractive to me. so I’m reading your question and you say that his dismissive ways are “so attractive” to you.

You’re no longer mentally wrestling with fears and concerns.

All you have to do is listen to his response and accept it – not fight it, not punish it, not judge it. In the grand scheme of things – you said you’re “out of his league”. Think about it: What motivation does he have to change his behavior?

Fair enough, you want to be considerate and not upset him. However, more often than not, it’s not consideration that keeps people from having tough relationship discussions. Most people would rather nurse their “ideal relationship image” in their mind than have a tough discussion and possible have their fantasy bubble burst.

Put simply, most people fall in love with their hope for what the relationship could be, then they avoid any talk that could ruin that fantasy.

If you have a relationship where you can talk to each other about your feelings, then that would be a good place to start.

Why would a guy with any choice in his love life want to be with a woman who does that?

The best strategy is let your light shine bright and don’t close yourself off from men who are willing to step up and give you everything you want.

Let’s go point for point: You were friends for six years before you started dating.

That’s a good foundation in many ways because you’ve had the ability to see each other moving through life and handling the many changes and challenges life throws at you.

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