Are karrine and lil wayne dating

Because of this, Wayne has never spoken of his relationship with Christina Milian, but has professed his love for Karrine since he and Milian have been dating, with Staffans saying Wayne told her he loved and missed her just days after he performed "Start A Fire" with Milian at the American Music Awards last November.Steffans also revealed that she knows for a fact that Wayne loves her, but not in the way she needs to be loved.Un référendum déjà qualifié d’historique dans ce pays.Karrine Steffans just used her Twitter fingers to kick Christina Milian while she’s down.

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It’s been years since Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans let the world in on her trife-life escapades with the release of the infamous “Confessions of a Video Vixen” tell-all book that put countless rappers, athletes and entertainment moguls on blast…but not much has changed.

The messy hip-hop madame has spent much of this year claiming to have rekindled her Word on the street is that Weezy is ready to put a ring on his long-time lover-girl Dhea, who probably wouldn’t appreciate her Young Money man having mouth-to-meat time with this thirsty thang.

But looking back at this whole feud, you can see that she was trying to give Xtina some sound advice.

She definitively saw this coming when Chrissy didn’t.

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