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Furthermore, with the rate at which relationships end with unsanctioned affairs, it seems humanity’s biological imperative to have sexual relations with many trumps the westerner’s cultural expectation to remain sexually exclusive to one.

Researching these topics online I stumbled across a video podcaster who may very well be the Stefan Molyneux of relationships.

Twice I have had to visit the emergency room in order to be given muscle relaxants to help pass the food, either up or down. A few weeks ago I accidentally got a bite of steak stuck in my esophagus.

Steak is the worst kind of food to get stuck because it will not break up and dissolve over time. But what I had learned from previous experiences coupled with my fascination with the primal lifestyle I decided to try something I had never before done. I had my glass of water and a bowl nearby in case the water I would use to help force down the food came back up.

Neither the church nor the state can keep two people who want nothing to do with each other together.

I have noticed a definite increase of ease while swallowing food.

My wife’s explanation for this ease is that the diaphragm constricts the esophagus while sitting upright, but is open and spread out while in the squatting position, thus allowing easier flow to the stomach.

A lesser known, but perhaps equally important, routine for paleolithic man was the act of squatting. Several years ago I began to develop an extreme discomfort during bowel movements. All the while I couldn’t help but to think that I was doing something wrong. One day, after a relatively frustrating bathroom experience, I decided to do some serious research. I had discovered the health benefits of the squatting position. Reflecting further upon the benefits of squatting it seemed to me to be the natural position adopted during childbirth, at least by paleolithic woman.

Surely, ancestral women were not forced to fight gravity while laying on their backs in an inclined position! The first instance of a lifelong malady would occur during lunch.

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